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Yellow Flower


Within the next week, Stoned Monkey Productions will be happy to provide you with a series of music videos that we created using the movie functions on a digital still camera (low resolution).

Recently we upgraded our equipment and are in the process of making some higher quality music videos and sketch comedy.

These videos use the Windows Media Player 9 codec.


Disposable Teens
This video is to Marilyn Manson's song "Disposable Teens". This took us a very long time to film, capture, and edit. So download and enjoy!
7 Days

This video is a preview of a sketch comedy that we will be doing soon. This is describing Qu (pronounced "shoe") and the film that we will be making. The story is a knock off of the movie "The Ring". This comedy will involve Qu fighting evil and trying to save damsels in distress, also "Glowing Hair Boy" will also make an appearance. Ironically, Qu is played by an actual shoe.
Cryptor Child

Using the song, Cryptor Child by Marylin Manson, Kaite plays the main character in this new music video. This video was filmed by Stephen, and edited by Kaite and Stephen. A very interesting and unique video.
Safety Dance

This video is a music video to the song The Safety Dance, performed by Men Without Hats. This was one of the first movies made by Stoned Monkey Productions and includes many interesting effects that intend to amuse and entertain audiences.

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